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AVES Stadium

AVES Stadium was developed to detect birds fully automatically and to scare them away from grandstands, roofs and lawns. Due to the precise sensors used and AI-based tracking software, it is possible to scare away individual birds as well as entire flocks. In the interaction of the highly efficient acoustic module with intelligent AI-based camera use, the deterrence is event-related and permanent.


For stadium operators, the protection and care of the lawn and the grandstands is the daily task and challenge. Pigeons like to nest and brood under stadium roofs, soiling benches and floors in the stands and technical equipment throughout the stadium. Crows peck for grubs in the lawn and destroy the turf in the process. The removal of this damage to the lawn and the dirt on the grandstands is very costly and labor intensive. AVES Stadium offers an ideal alternative with an AI-based, fully automatic and autonomous bird deterrent and masters the existing challenges:

  • Prevention of birds flying through the open stadium roof

  • Compliance with the TA noise limit values on the company premises and at selected measuring points

  • Avoidance of excessive subjective noise perception for employees, visitors and the neighborhood

  • Direct deactivation of the speaker by one or more additional mobile remote controls

  • Ensuring GDPR (Camera Detection Zones)

Bericht des WDR in der Lokalzeit vom 18.04.2024 über den Einsatz unseres Vergrämungssystems AVES Stadium in der Home Deluxe Arena des SC Paderborn 07.

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