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Location analysis 

Due to the often diverse topography and the different entry routes of the birds, the implementation of an effective bird protection system is extremely complex. The aim of the site analysis is to create an optimal protection concept. The following work is carried out as part of this analysis:


  • Determination of bird behavior

  • Observing the escape reactions of the birds 

  • Determination of the required signal volume and determination of the effective deterrence distance

  • Measurement of sound levels

  • Creation of sound level distribution plan

Sound insulation 

A key objective is to achieve bird deterrence with a minimum sound power level. The average sound level depends on the following factors:

  • Signal frequency and maximum volume of the signal

  • Position and directivity of the system

  • Location factors such as ground conditions, reflections, shielding from buildings, etc.

  • Modular noise protection


Wireless remote control 

In addition to operation via an app, you can use a remote control that enables the device to be switched off immediately. This is a useful tool when groups of visitors visit your business premises or events are to be held since the system only has to be muted for a short time.

A visual display on the speaker shows, even from a distance, whether the speaker is active or inactive. 


If the device has to be cleared away during a football game or an event, for example, it is worth installing it on a caddy specially designed for the deterrence systems. 


Caddy Lift

The Caddy Lift is a mobile trolley that can be used to clear away the permanently installed AVES Stadium system during games. It also has an additional lift function that puts the device in an elevated position and thus reduces the noise exposure of employees working on the floor

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