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AVES Industry

AVES Industry was developed to detect birds fully automatically and to scare them away from sensitive and protected areas. Due to the precise sensors used and AI-based tracking software, it is possible to scare away individual birds as well as entire flocks. In the interaction of the highly efficient acoustic module with intelligent AI-based camera use, the deterrence is event-related and permanent. The applications are possible in many places and can be used in individual sectors.


Industrial buildings and refineries

Flocks of birds sometimes settle on the roofs of industrial buildings and pipes in refineries and regularly cause damage through dirt. Cleaning is time-consuming and expensive. With AVES Industry it is possible to scare away the birds - even individual bird species - on an event-related basis.

Power plants

Power plants are often visited by pigeons, crows or seagulls all year round due to their geographical location, their design and the conditions found by the birds (heat, water, food). The resulting health hazards for employees from bird droppings and the soiling of the halls can be significantly reduced and prevented by using the AI-based deterrence system AVES Industry.


Hangars and halls

Hangars for maintenance, repair and accommodation of aircraft as well as production and storage halls are often flown to by pigeons. Production operations and all necessary processes can be massively disrupted as a result. By installing AVES Industry, the birds are prevented from entering the hangars or halls through the open gates.

Land and stocks

Occur during harvest or when loading grain  frequent problems caused by contamination - mostly caused by crows or pigeons. Pigeons are difficult to scare away and the effort and costs involved in removing contamination are high. The birds react very well to the event-related deterrence with the help of AVES Industry and ensure you quick success.

Image by Jim Witkowski

Offshore installations

Offshore wind farms on the high seas are visited not only by seagulls but also increasingly by cormorants. The birds settle on the platforms of the wind turbines and soil entrances, equipment and railings. Cleaning is associated with a lot of effort, endangerment of the cleaning staff and high costs. These can be avoided by using AVES Industry.

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