Autonomous Anti-Drone System (AADS)



The AADS is a fully autonomous system for monitoring and neutralizing UAVs. The system protects certain areas from the ingress of drones. The AADS 7.0 is designed for commercial, municipal, industrial and military applications. It consists of several interconnected modules and devices. The individual configuration is set for each individual client to ensure the relevant security standards.

Panoramic thermal imaging camera


The AADS's panoramic thermal imaging camera can detect, identify and track UAVs day and night. The camera scans within a radius of up to 360 °. All parameters and settings of the camera are set via the control module. The communication between the two modules takes place via IP protocol. Each panoramic thermal imager consists of a thermal sensor and a data processing module that provides reliable detection in various weather conditions (fog, rain, snow, etc.). The panoramic thermal imaging camera can work at zero visibility.



Wide frequency range jammer is part of the AADS 7.0 system. It is designed for emitting a focused jamming signal which interference the control and orientation of the UAV. It consists of a jammer system as well as Pan/Tilt rotation mechanism. 

The jammer is triggered fully automatically and positioned to the direction of detected targets, set by the control module. This leads to simultaneous interruption of the communication between the drone and the operator as well as GPS signal loss. Thus, most of the conventional UAVs enters into emergency landing mode. 


Please consider: The AADS Autonomous Anti Drone System can only be sold to entities with proper government approval for the employment of Jammers. For further Information please contact us under 

Control module


The control module ensures the smooth data processing between the different modules, as well as generates jamming signals. The control module is comprised of different electric components mounted in air-conditioning housing. 

Basic functions of the system

  • Passive detection, recognition and tracking of UAVs; 
  • Adjustable zones with possibility to cover 360 degree coverage.; 
  • Automatic tracking of more than one object/target; 
  • Automatic directional jamming; 
  • Omni-directional jamming when presence of multiple targets; 
  • Possibility for software programming of the jamming frequencies; 
  • Jamming the standard radio frequencies as well as GPS, Glonas, Galileo, Wi-Fi, GSM, 3G, 4G, etc.; 
  • Centralised management and control via proprietary software; 
  • AI for precision detection and minimal possibility for false alarms; 
  • Working at all-weather condition 24/7; 
  • Custom-made for the specific needs of every individual client; 
  • Easy integration of additional modules and components; 
  • In compliance with NATO military standards; 
  • Different options for control; 
  • No interference with other systems for navigation, surveillance and control, etc; 
  • СЕ, ISO 9001/2008; 


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