Bird Collision Avoiding System (BCAS)



The Bird Collision Avoidance System (BCAS) consists of several interconnected modules. The main functions of the system are:

  • Detection of birds and bats using thermal imaging cameras
  • Diversion of the animals without harming them or habituation effect
  • Monitoring and reporting software
  • Data acquisition

The detection of birds and bats is carried out by thermal imaging and daylight stereo cameras that constantly search the area for flying objects.

As soon as an object is recognized, the data is analyzed. If the flying object is recognized as a bird or bat, the system positions the acoustic module, which emits a sound signal directed at the bird. If this signal, the Acoustic Startle Reflex (ASR), is triggered, the bird changes course and flies away. This acoustic signal does not harm the birds and is designed so that the animals do not get used to the signal. This has been proven after extensive tests and research in collaboration with the University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna, Austria, and WWF Bulgaria. From the first use, the system works autonomously and offers real-time remote data monitoring. The database can be accessed to retrieve videos, data and other information. The collected data can be used for detailed analysis and reporting purposes. 

The BCAS software is a modular web-based application that enables access to all functions of the system, fast storage and data retrieval for millions of data records.


BCAS consists of the following modules:

Thermal camera

  • Up to 360° panoramic coverage
  • Day and Night detection
  • All weather conditions
  • Multiple bird detections
  • Tracking of detected objects
  • Detection of approaching aircraft

Control module

  • Receives, stores and processes detection data
  • Control all modules of the system
  • Enables RF communication between units
  • Provides remote control
  • Initialization of operating modes

Acoustic Module

  • Evokes ASR (Acoustic Startle Reflex)
  • Up to 300 feet of ASR coverage
  • Unique sound wave - no habituation, no harassment
  • Short sound duration - minimal noise disturbance
  • Focused deflection sound signal at targeted birds

Stereo camera (option)


  • Monitoring and Reporting
  • True bird recognition
  • Habitat management
  • Flexible control
  • Specialised monitoring and reporting software

BCAS Acoustic Startle Reflex (ASR)

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