Thousands of aircraft bird strikes occur every year worldwide, mostly in the immediate vicinity of the runways. In 2015 the amount of 342 cases were reported in Germany alone.

Protectis Air offers the Bird Collision Avoidance System (BCAS) to solve this problem. Along the runway, a "safety tunnel" is created, which includes take-off and landing routes. The system is fully automatic and meets ICAO and airport requirements. Airport testing has confirmed BCAS efficiency of 95% (automated detection and deterrence).

Protectis Air offers tailor-made solutions for airports and airfields. The systems are adapted on a case-by-case basis to make the costs efficient while ensuring the highest safety and quality standards.

Onshore windpark

With alternative power generation on land, rotating wind blades, scorching temperatures in solar panels and shiny mirror surfaces can cause the death or injury of birds and bats. Public reactions and strong objections from environmentalists have called into question the "green" energy production facilities. The Bird Avoiding System (BAS) solves this problem by creating a protective layer over the plant. In addition, the system modules are positioned so cost-effectively that the power generation can work without interruption.

Offshore windpark

Offshore wind turbines on the generator buildings are contaminated with bird droppings. On the one hand, the operators have to deal with health and safety regulations, but also have to protect their system from corrosion and acid damage. Protectis Air offers a simplified version of the Bird Avoiding System (BAS), a safe way to prevent bird droppings by putting a protective "dome" over the building. Elaborate cleaning work can be avoided this way.

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