Entry into no-fly zones at airports

The threat of drones entering the airspace and jeopardizing the take-off and landing of airplanes increases from year to year. This may go as far  as happened in December 2018 in London Gatwick, when the entire airport had to be closedThis can be done by hobby drone pilots who direct their drones more or less by chance at airports, as well as by terrorist attacks with the planned goal of paralyzing an airport. Protectis Air's AADS Autonomous Anti-Drone System detects, classifies and locates dangerous drones. Countermeasures can be triggered automatically - adapted to the respective situation.

Industrial espionage

Automobile manufacturers, the chemical industry, refineries, electricity companies, energy and water utilities must increasingly protect their facilities from unwanted and dangerous drones used for espionage, extortion and vandalism. Targets include car test tracks of vehicle manufacturers as well as research facilities of suppliers, power supply in the immediate vicinity of corporations or their WLAN networks, spying with high-resolution cameras or audio recordings with directional microphones. Protectis Air uses the Autonomous Anti-Drone (AADS) system to protect equipment, factories or buildings from such attacks and reliably disables the drones.

Public safety

More and more operators of stadiums or organizers of major events are looking for ways to protect visitors and facilities from dangerous drones. Because drones are not only used to make illegal photo and film recordings. There is also the danger that criminals or terrorists use drones to spy on the local situation and prepare attacks. At worst, they can use drones directly as weapons and use them to launch explosives, liquids or other substances over open stadiums and arenas. Protectis Air's Autonomous Anti-Drone System (AADS) provides countermeasures for protection at major events, such as automatic airspace monitoring before and during events, data generation and analysis of drone activity, drone and pilot location and detection to enable rapid intervention by security forces.


Drugs, cell phones or even weapons - with remote-controlled drones, it is possible to smuggle banned items into a prison. Airmail by drone is a whole new dimension of smuggling, overshadowing the previously used creative routes of prisoners. So it is conceivable for the future that firearms or explosives fall from the sky and are used for outbreak attempts. The Protectis Air Autonomous Anti-Drone System (AADS) locates and records drones and alerts security personnel automatically.

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